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How Did Booking.Com's Ban In Turkey Affect Conversion Rate Of Hotels Direct Website?

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I previously stated that I was curious as to how’s ban would affect hotels’ direct booking traffic and converison. I asked the Hotel Linkage Data Analysis team to closely monitor these figures from that day which banned until now. They sent me a report today. The results are quite interesting. In this article, I would like to share with you in detail the results we obtained.


These results are only the results of an analysis of 80 hotels selected from Hotel Linkage customers. 40 of these 80 hotels used the Direct Booking Suite provided by Hotel Linkage, whereas the other 40 only used Booking Engine technology.

In this research, we categorised the hotels according to the amount of stars they have been awarded. We classified boutique hotels as one-star hotels. We tried to present how the banning of in Turkey has affected hotels using Booking Engine technology versus those who use the Direct Booking Suite service.

In order for you to better understand the research, we have shared the following short descriptions and extent of these two services:

1-) The Booking Engine is a solely technological product purchased by hotels. In other words, the hotel is only provided with the technology, and the management of the technology is left up to the hotel. More information about the Booking Engine can be found by clicking this link.

2-) The Direct Booking Suite is a bundle of nearly 16 technology, consulting and marketing services allowing hotels to have reservations made on their own website. Technology is provided to the hotel, and this technology is constantly managed and marketed by professional Hotel Linkage Team. Here, we are talking about a more proactive service. More information about this product can be found by clicking this link.


According to the results of our research, the hotels we managed dynamically (Direct Booking Service) saw a significant increase in sales and conversions from their websites.

We did not see a significant increase in direct bookings from hotels that only used Booking Engine technology but did not have it proactively managed.

Let's explain this difference by giving an example.

Getting a direct booking from your hotel website is similar to exercising.

First of all, imagine that you signed up at a nice gym or that you purchased exercise equipment such as a nice treadmill or weights.

If you want to work out or lose weight, the gym or the best quality sports equipment is not enough all by itself. You also need to exercise in a regular, consistent, and disciplined fashion at the gym.

If you are not exercising in a regular and disciplined fashion, you won’t get the results you want no matter how good the gym you are using is.

In conclusion, no matter how good your website or the booking engine you use is, if you do not professionally manage it in a continuous and disciplined fashion, you will not be able to increase the direct booking rate for bookings made through your hotel website.

I have shared the results below:

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