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Channel Management and Distribution Solution by Hotel Linkage

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Connect to the world with one click. Our Channel Manager now connecting you to over 400 channels swiftly. Say bye to multiple site updates. Change your rates, inventory and restrictions for all your distribution sites at a click of a button.

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Hotel Linkage's Channel Manager provides one platform to control over 400 channels, swiftly. Some of the highlights of Hotel Linkage Channel Manager.

Performance Measurement

Understand your revenue and reservations position at a glance to keep you informed all the time

Grid Pricing

Access the inventory grid to update your inventory, pricing with up to 20 individual rate plans; this allows even your most complex rate plans to be implemented easily.

With You All The Way!

We don’t just give you the system and call it quits, we are hands on for you offering you three levels of support, from the pre-implementation stage assessing your strategic requirements, then providing you live support to ensure your exact OTA requirements are matched and of course ongoing system support.

Strategy Base Rate Management

Define your base room type, rate plan and pricing strategy and let the Channel Manager calculate all required rate plans for all room types required automatically.

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