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Global Distribution Systems by Hotel Linkage

· GDS,Channel Management

Hotel Linkage's gds solution allows you to connect directly to over 200,000 travel agency with a single agreement, keeping it simple

Hotel Linkage provides a Central Reservation System (CRS) to individual hotels and hotel chains. If your hotel has an agreement with Hotel Linkage, we are distributing your hotel`s inventory and rates to The Global Distribution Systems and The Internet Distribution Systems (powered by Pegasus) .

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are the reservation systems used by travel agents to book their air, hotel and car reservations. Hotel Linkage makes your hotel bookable in these GDS Systems: Sabre, Amadeus and Travel Port (World Span and Galileo).

Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) are online travel agents, travel portals, travel search engines/directories or online hotel consolidators that offer online travel reservation to consumers. The majority of them are getting the hotel rates, the availability and the information from each hotel through the Pegasus ODD, a distribution database. Some are feeding their site with information extracted from a GDS.

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