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As Hotel Linkage, through the scientific research we do ourselves, we continue to work to increase the reservations hotels make through their own website


The findings of a study done by Kalibri Labs is as follows;

In the year 2007

Revenue made through OSA (online travel agencies): %25,4

Commission fees paid: %9,8

As for the year 2013

Revenue made through OSA: %25,1

Commission fees paid: %16,3’


I want to touch on this point. We believe in the necessity of OTA’s for the success of the tourism sector’s ecosystem. In the research we’ve done on the online segment, we see that a balanced distribution between OTA’s and websites would be the best for everyone.

A hotel should get at least 15% and no more than 30% of its reservation from the online segment share of its own website.

The 70–80% left should be equally divided between the other OTA’s. If all of this is coming from, then there is obviously a problem, just as if it is all coming from Expedia, there is a problem.

In short, the distribution of the online segment must be balanced. We all know the danger of putting all our eggs in one basket.


Okay, but how do we get the upper hand on this?

As Hotel Linkage, we provide a very advanced website content manager as well as a very advanced booking engine through the Direct Booking Suite product we have developed. At the same time, we are able to manage the hotel’s website dynamically, create campaigns, and offer hidden discounts through a customer membership system and promo codes, etc.


There are 2 sides to increasing your website sales: the first is technology and the second is to correctly manage this technology. In other words, it’s not enough to buy a bicycle; someone needs to get on it and continually pedal. The moment you stop pedaling, the bicycle will fall over.

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