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Today’s billboard effect research has made a massive impact on the Online Travel Industry.

Here is a short description of the billboard effect according to Cornell:

Hotels that are listed on a third-party distributor’s website, commonly known as online travel agents (OTA), gain a reservation benefit in addition to direct sales. That benefit, often known as the billboard effect, involves a boost in reservations through the hotel’s own distribution channels (including its website), due to the hotel’s being listed on the OTA website. This report provides a quantitative assessment of the incremental reservations through non-OTA distribution channels received as a result of being listed on an OTA site. The theory behind this phenomenon is that the potential guest gains information about the hotel from its OTA listing, but then books the room through a channel controlled by the hotel or its chain family

You may be aware but, TAC (Traffic Acquisition Cost) is one of the biggest expense items for Internet companies. Because of this Billboard effect is critical for hoteliers since it provides free traffic for hoteliers. Just writing this is crucial would be an understatement.


Considering the importance of a Billboard effect, all hoteliers should make their website visible in This is important because, once the potential guest gains information about the hotel from its OTA listing, they will look for the hotel in


Google Web Master is a crucial tool for hoteliers. It increases the visibility of websites in Google searches.

As Hotel Linkage we always set Google webmaster tools for the hotels that we are partnered with. We measure the impact it has on Google searches.


Here is how you can register for Google Webmaster Tools, and what you should do after that.

1-) Go to and signup.

2-) Once you’ve completed your registration, verify your website.

3-) Add all your website versions: Make sure you add both “www” and “non-www” versions of your site. Also, if you use the HTTPS protocol, add those variations as well.
4-) Select your preferred version: Choose whether you want your site to appear with or without “www” in Google Search.
5-) Select target country: Set your geographic preference if your site targets users in a particular country.
6-) Share access with co-workers: If you want other people to access your reports, you can add different access levels.
7-) Most Important Step- Submit a sitemap file: This helps Google better understand how to crawl your site.

Here is a short video that we have prepared as Hotel Linkage about how we can increase direct sales from a hotel’s website.

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