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If you really knew the influence your customer reviews have on online sales (negative or positive), you would take this subject more seriously.


On the topic of reviews, I would kindly ask that you carefully read all the points below.

1-) Along with the Internet, the flow of information has never been faster, and this flow of information quickly makes its way to the masses. In other words, a picture of a torn sheet can be viewed by any potential customer within days.

2-) The quality of a hotel operation cannot be considered independently from your online sales success. Since hotel staff is running your hotel operation, we can say that successful online sales = Quality human resources. As a result, the education of your human resources and the value you give them are incredibly important.

3-) Hoteliers today pay close attention to their price as well as competitor’s pricing and use this information to better understand the demand for their hotels. Consumers are also looking at your price and the competitor’s prices, but they are using this information to assess value (trade-off between what you give (price) for what you get (the room night).

4-) Consumers base their decision on fundamental value perceptions, such as, service, reputation, review scores and price offered, each attribute drops or increases depending on the hotels position in the market, having constant positive attributes means the hotel is most influential, and the customer value has minimal negative impact making it more appealing for potential bookers.


Situations where reviews have negatively affected our nation.

1-) At the moment, the majority of global online travel agencies or review companies are initiatives that have been birthed in regions like Europe or America. Many systems in these countries have been built upon trust and integrity.

2-) Unfortunately, developing countries are very open to people using these principles selfishly (I don’t know how I can write this more politely; as I said, unfortunately, I have to speak on this topic since I have heard so many stories). For example, a customer has made an unjustified request of you; since this request was not fulfilled, the customer can write some very negative reviews of you. Your competitors can’t tolerate you doing well, and so they can try to use these negative reviews to hurt you.

3-) Since they don’t and think it’s not possible to understand the culture I wrote about in the first article and the cultural reception I wrote about in the second article, they may not be able to evaluate these reviews as independent reviews and intervene.

4-) The good news is this: If you are really providing good service, negative reviews won’t really lower your average. If your average is really bad, then you really need to look at yourself in the mirror.


How should reviews be responded to:

1-) If you really want to have a place in online sales channels, then you really need to respond to reviews.

2-) Respond to positive reviews and thank them.

3-) Respond to the reviews as a high-level manager or ensure someone that can does.

4-) Don’t forget this when you respond to negative reviews: You are not responding to the person who gave you the negative review; you are giving an explanation to the hundreds who will read that review. You are offering it up to public opinion. I see some reviews, and the hotel owner or manager has lost him or herself saying how much of a liar or ake the customer is, telling them to go and stay at a different hotel next time. Never fall into this trap. It will publicly put you in the wrong.

5-) While responding to negative reviews, try to offer as much information as possible. If you were wrong, offer an apology. Even call the customer, and when speaking with the person, speak of the review. If you were justified, politely give more information and explain the situation without accusation.


If we were to summarize, the subject of reviews is a critical topic for any establishment.Your score is extremely influential on a customer’s purchasing decisions and the creation of your hotel’s reputation.

Hotel management must solemnly approach this topic, and if it calls for it, the development of this subject should be debated within administrator groups. A manager could be tasked with responsibility for the reviews reporting to the hotel owner or general manager on a regular basis.

If you have any example events or suggestions with regards to this topic, I would kindly ask you to share them in the comment section below.

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