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Revenue Management Solutions For Hotels

· Revenue Management,Hotel Yield Solution

Hotel Linkage offers Revenue Management Solutions for every hotel type, need and budget. Our RMS help hoteliers to give Data-driven decision making.

Powerful and intuitive data, graphs and dashboard allow decision-makers to spot patterns faster and maximise on opportunities first.


The Revenue Management Solutions provides a well-positioned and streamlined approach for you to maximise your profitability. From the BAR price to across segment pricing, our RMS helps you seize more opportunity by choosing the correct approach for your hotel’s business approach.

The RMS allows General Managers and other team members to make efficient revenue management decisions without compromising the primary goal of the RMS.

No more manual labour! With the RMS platform, all your decisions will be automated using the most scientifically advanced mathematical algorithms available.

The RM System allows you to access fast and reliable advanced data displayed on easy to read reporting without having to combine multiple reports.

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